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“Thank you for such a great culinary tour. There was so much delicious food! Every chef had his/her take on traditional and all of it was amazing! The markets were so interesting, we didn’t know what to see or taste first. We had so many questions about the different foods and the vendors were so friendly and helpful. I’m recommending this tour to all of my foody friends! OH! did I mention the amazing mezcal cocktails??”

– Ana C

Oaxaca food tour

From moles to atoles, Oaxacan cuisine is diverse, traditional, eclectic and delicious. The great variety of local ingredients is any chef’s dream and the chefs of Oaxaca take full advantage of the bounty. In addition to enjoying fantastic restaurants we feature a hands-on cooking class with a traditional cocinera and a hands on chocolate making class. Included are casual conversations with chefs who will prepare your fantastic dinners.

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We will guide you and let you loose in traditional markets where locals and chefs alike gather their ingredients. You’ll explore an archaeological site and the mezcal making process which leads you into the experience of mezcal tasting. A little free time provides the opportunity to fine tune your tour with art and textile museums, artisan studios, cafés and nightlife; all within a stroll from your accommodation.

  • w/dinner
  • Oaxaca
  • Airport Transfer
  • Welcome dinner

Your airport transport will deliver you to the NaNa Vida Boutique Hotel. NaNa Vida is committed to hospitality; where culture, art and flavors of Oaxaca live together. You will be staying steps away from the Santo Domingo Convent, in the heart of Oaxaca.

 At Expendio Tradición their chef Juan Vega is known for his original take on local cuisine.  Dinner will be accompanied by the aromas and flavors of the best mezcales from the house of  Tradición Chagoya.

  • w/breakfast & lunch
  • Walking tour
  • 20 November Market
  • Criollo Restaurant

All breakfasts are included at your boutique hotel. Relax and enjoy until 10am when the city explorations begin with a walking tour of Oaxaca.  Today you will discover the architecture, culture, history and customs that make Oaxaca so special. Later you’ll take in the colors and flavors of the Veinte de Noviembre Market where you’ll enjoy your midday meal.  In the afternoon you’ll be on your own to explore and relax; your guide can assist you with recommendations according to your interests. 

This evening’s dinner is at another first class Oaxacan restaurant, Criollo. 

Chef Luis Arellano is inspired by the diversity of Oaxacan cuisine, using local ingredients, he pays homage to the coast, the valleys, the mountains and the Isthmus of the state of Oaxaca.

  • w/ Breakfast & Lunch
  • Teotitlán del Valle
  • Chocolate workshop
  • Santa Maria del Tule

An invitation into someone’s home is always a special occasion and if that invitation includes chocolate you know you are in for something spectacular. Today we take you to Teotitlán del Valle to the home of Doña Margarita to take part in making Oaxacan chocolate. This is a hands-on experience so be ready to “get your hands dirty” as you continue to absorb the history, culture, and flavors of Oaxaca. Next is a visit to the town of Santa Maria del Tule famous for a tree that holds the record for largest trunk diameter in the world. The Arbol del Tule is a natural wonder estimated to be 2000 years old. In Santa Maria del Tule we’ll indulge in an afternoon meal before returning to Oaxaca City.

  • w/ Breakfast
  • Monte Albán
  • Crudo Restaurant

Heading just outside of Oaxaca today to the small city and municipality of San Cruz Xoxocotlán. From there, you will experience and explore yet another one of Oaxaca’s wonders: Monte Albán. Monte Albán is one of Mesoamerica’s earliest cities and was an economic center for close to a thousand years. Strolling through the ruins you will learn more about Monte Albán’s fascinating story and feel its significance in today’s society. Upon our return to Nana Vida you will have time to relax or explore until we meet again for dinner at Crudo. Chef Ricardo Arellano of CRUDO is inspired to combine Mexican and Japanese cuisine to give people a completely different and unique experience in flavors, food, service and atmosphere.

  • w/ Breakfast & Lunch
  • Santa Ana del Valle
  • Cooking Class
  • Mezcal Tasting

Get ready to get lost in a bustling, stimulating market day at Tlacolula’s traditional market. You will be able to find everything from artisan crafts to fresh veggies to tejate – a traditional maize and cocoa beverage served in large clay pots. Next we’re off to join a cooking class in  Santa Ana del Valle. Traditional Mexican cuisine was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and along with this came the responsibility of Mexico’s traditional cooks to carry on this cultural heritage. 90% of these cooks, known as cocineras tradicionales, are women. Today you will join one of these women in preparing lunch, surrounded by clay pots and the same traditional dress as her foremothers. She will share her kitchen as well as her heritage culminating in an explosion of flavors. In the evening we’ll venture out for a special mezcal tasting in old town Oaxaca. Mezcal is an alcoholic beverage native to the state of Oaxaca and over 70% of Mexico’s mezcal is produced in the state of Oaxaca. Think all mezcal tastes the same? Think again! If you still have an appetite after today’s feasting and mezcal tasting you can strike out on your own or with other travelers to experience the late night street offerings. For a local’s opinion you can ask your guide about his favorites.

  • w/breakfast & dinner
  • Mezcal Palenque
  • Hotel sin Nombre Restaurant

Now that you’ve had a chance to taste mezcal you will have the opportunity to experience the mezcal making process at Mezcal Palenque. You’ll see how the agave is harvested, roasted, mashed, and fermented. All this is followed by more tasting and a chance to purchase Mezcal Palenque’s own brand to take home. Tonight’s restaurant is housed in a building from the 18th century in the center of Oaxaca. Hotel Sin Nombre’s restaurant is founded on hospitality and warmth. Chef Israel Loyola relies on local producers, farmers and co-ops, and is committed to cuisine that is sustainable, healthy, and out of this world flavorful.

  • w/breakfast & lunch
  • Portozuelo Restaurant

About an hour outside of Oaxaca City we’ll arrive at the small organic farm to table restaurant of chef Alejandro Ruiz. At Portozuelo you’ll be surrounded by the fields and aromas of a traditional country barbeque. Chef Ruiz takes delight in preparing dishes with the crops of the field and cooking with firewood which is the essence of Oaxacan barbacoa.

  • w/ Breakfast
  • Oaxaca
  • Airport Transfer

Your guide will assist you with scheduling your included airport transfer. If there’s time, get out for one more stroll through town for a few more photos or a little last minute shopping. You can include bottles of mezcal or other alcohol in your checked luggage. We recommend taking delicate articles with you as carry on.  Luckily your memories & the flavors of Oaxaca’s cuisine only take up space in your mind and in your heart!


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